Accessibility Series Submissions

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I'm now accepting submissions for the Accessibility Series, a series of periodic posts that will pop up every so often here. This kind of thing is all brand new to me! I was able to secure a small grant from Awesome Without Borders to compensate guest posters if you need it while funds last. I will not question if you ask for compensation. I expect everyone to act in good faith, knowing that this is a finite resource to to amplify voices for whom free labor opportunities are prohibitive. Compensation will be made via Google Wallet or Paypal.

1. 750-1200 words should just about do it (this is just a guideline; fewer words is okay)! Rather than having walls of text, headers or lists are nice.

2. Pictures would be nice, even if they are decorative. All pictures must have captions describing what they are  to make the post itself accessible. This also goes for videos and captions.

3. If you could, please think about your experience particularly as it relates to libraries. Some possible angles: reading about yourself as a patron in an article by an abled person, going through the hiring process or working with library organizations with a disability/neurodivergence, tips that help you manage your disability at work, tips for people who may work with a coworker or patron who has or appears to have your disability/neurodivergence, stories of good or bad experiences you've had as a disabled/neurodivergent person and how abled people can help, etc.

4. I reserve the right to edit posts for grammar and content, though I rarely do. I know that this topic can be emotional though, and as much as I want to yell from the rooftops, these are issues that many abled people have never thought of before, and we need a gentle hand to bring them around. Thanks for understanding.

5. You keep all rights to your work after it is published, though I ask that if you want to republish elsewhere to include "Originally published on BryceKozlaBlog" and link to my blog if possible.

6. There are no deadlines. Save your spoons! Just let me know that you'd like to write something. I'll watch for it.

Right now, I am only accepting submissions by disabled/neurodivergent people who claim this identity, preferably tying the experience to libraries (though I'll make exceptions about this if the piece helps abled/neurotypical people reflect on their biases or experience).

Thanks for considering. Please email me at brycekozla at gmail dot com with submission ideas!