Friday, April 13, 2018

New design! And a housekeeping note on muting updates

Check out my new design from Chris at On a Roll Designs! Yes, the background is the same LEGO-smiley-people you know and love.

I am planning to migrate content over the next few weeks! To avoid getting your Feedly page spammed with old content, click here to learn about adding me to a mute filter.

If you follow me by email, I'm able to turn off your subscription until everything is done.

I'll be posting some original content in the meantime. I'll post on both blogs so that you'll still receive the content!

When the migration is finished, I'll be sure to update the old one so you'll be alerted to unmute this one!

(Gotta say, it's pretty fun to know this post is only being seen by like 30 people so far. Hello! Did you know you're my favorites, probably?)

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